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Porkie in happier times? Here is a picture of what Porkie might have looked like in happier days. I only knew him when he looked like he does now.  Nonetheless he has been a very fine addition to my freezer and should be allowed to stay.

This is how Porkie appeared when I first found him at our local Safeway store.  Damn Butchers!
The carnage at the Safeway is kind of scary when you really look at it closely.  Poor pigs.  Click if you dare.

Oh The Carnage!

Porkie in his first family photos

Porkie has become such a member of the family no one wants to see him go please help Porkie stay around so we can continue our adventures.  Very soon we will begin taking Porky on trips so that we can photograph the memories so that when he is reconstituted (re-cloned?) later we can show him his photos and he can remain a happy little piglet
Porkie chilling out in his new temporary cryogenic facility.  Doesnt he seem much happier than he was at Safeway?  Imagine when he can become aware.

Porkies Temporary Home

More to come soon!

2005 From the twisted mind of Michael Larson


* Does not include Ham, Sausage, or Bacon as they all taste really good.

** After the kids move out I am not responsible if they choose to eat yummy cuts of meat.

Doh! - In case you haven't figured it out, this website is obviously a parody.  If you are a member of PETA or any other group of crazy animal lovers that think animals should have the same rights as people.... Give it up and have a steak would you, you are looking way to thin.  For those who aren't Nazi's and sincerely care about the well being of animals and people we recommend American Humane