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Porkie in happier times?
Porkie In Happier Times?

Why Are We Doing This?

Cause we want to save Porkie!

Seriously, this website is just a parody that I thought up last night while discussing the utter ridiculousness of the fact that there really is a SaveToby site about a dude going to eat his pet rabbit with my family.

Although I wouldn't ever eat one of my pets, I had to give it some pause since to date people have already paid almost 20,000$ to ransom his rabbit.

So even though its a parody and I REALLY don't think we can bring back what was going to be my dinner until I thought this up from its current butchered state.  I will keep my word if we do and have currently begun the cryogenic process in my freezer.

That and I have always liked to tweak the establishment just a little bit and by establishment I mean all stupid organizations like PETA, which is the real reason I am doing the site.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is against all forms of medical testing involving animals - regardless of the potential benefits to human beings... PETA supports banning the ownership of pets and advocates releasing them into the wild... It's enough to make a vegetarian eat meat!

Hell, I am thinking about eating a PETA member or two, but there isn't enough meat on their bones to make a meal for my family of five.  Wonder why that is?

2005 From the twisted mind of Michael Larson


Doh! - In case you haven't figured it out, this website is obviously a parody.  If you are a member of PETA or any other group of crazy animal lovers that think animals should have the same rights as people.... Give it up and have a steak would you, you are looking way to thin.  For those who aren't Nazi's and sincerely care about the well being of animals and people we recommend American Humane